Monday, November 24, 2008

I feel the craziness coming on

what craziness you ask.....the holiday craziness. We have been running around non stop. Friday was a day of just running without heads. Poor Ethan I guess he really doesn't get why mommy needs to run around when Tristan is in school. The cold also did not help. After picking Tristan up we came home and I made us 3 dinner. Steve had a late night with a work function and I just needed to get the house back in order. The boys and I enjoyed a quite night. After putting little Ethan to bed Tristan and I were able to enjoy a show. I managed to finish some floral arrangements to be delivered.

Saturday was another day just filled with so much to do with no time. Steve and did manage to take some time out to watch a movie. It was great. The movie was Zoran. OMG!!! There were some parts that had me in stitches.

Sunday we were up at 6am and out the door by 7:30. We headed to The Rainforest Cafe for Steve's annual work Christmas breakfast. The kids had fun and it was great to see some of Steve's work friends. We even had the pleasure this year of having my brother in-law, his wife and her family there with us. A great time had by all.

Here are some pictures of the boys when we returned home. I just wanted to take some pics of them and of course it's like pulling teeth. Here is the best that I got.

The boys after the Christmas Party.

Ethan with my Christmas Decore.

Also, found some time to finish my front door decore. I decorated my urns a little different this year but an happy with the way they look.

My urn's this year.

I have been following a friend's blog and she has posted some challenges daily for a month. I have tired my best to keep up with all of them. Here's her blog address Here is my take on Challenge #2 Door Hanger Project. I made two because I can not make one and nothing for the other. These will maybe last 5 minutes on my boys doors but heck anything for a challenge.

Tristan's door hanger.

Ethan's door hanger.

Off to go and try to get the garland out from the basement.


just another stay at home mom said...

you are definately very creative and gifted...and

Barbara said...

I hear you about the craziness of this season. It's such a busy one that by the time the day arrives, we're exhausted. That said ... I love it and enjoy every minute (almost every minute) of it.