Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cookie Exchange

Now I know why I enjoy hosting these cookie exchange parties. I totally enjoying hanging with my girls and also having them try my new recipes. I think my goat cheese with sun-dried tomato was the parties big hit. I never thought I would like them because of the strong taste of the cheese but these I was in love with. We enjoyed laughing and chatting. The cookies were just stunning and they tasted even better. Rose won best looking cookie for both her cookies. She made the reindeer and the candy cane shortbread. Paula won best tasting for her chocolate surprise ball cookies. After giving them a try today I can see why. Congrats to both of you. Then Martha brought as promised her games. It was perfect as everyone walked away winning something. Thank you Martha for all your time and the excellent presentation of your games. I know we can always count on you to have something organized.

Here are some pictures of the evening. Thank you to my wonderful husband who helps me prepare all the food. Without him I do not think I would of had it all prepared in time. Love u ;)

Table filled with all the yummy cookies and food.

Close up of cookie tray. Still missing some late additions.

Paula's Yummy cookies on her Christmas plate.

Alexis and I.

Martha and I.

Paula and I.

Rose and I.

Paula showing us all her smarties winnings.

Me with my winning snowman full of kisses.

Rose and her Lindt balls. She also won these by guessing the correct amount.

Rose and I exchanging our winnings. I really wanted the Lindt's.

Alexis and her balls. She won them for guessing how many were in there.
Thank you ladies for a wonderful night and all your efforts with your cookies. I know my family is enjoying them.
Today I was tried. I guess drinking 3 martini's will do that to you. I haven't had one in a long time and to tell you the truth I had forgotten how nice they are. Maybe I need to have one more often. ;) lol
I did manage to take my mother in-law out Christmas shopping. We got home and I thought everything was going well until Mr. Ethan decided to hit the baby powder again. This time the big man was here and there were no pictures to take. Hubby was up tight and super mad and poor little Ethan just wanted to have fun. These guys are in for it when they have their own children. I can only pray that theirs will not be like them. Or do I? he he he
We are all just chilling now. Ethan is sleeping, Tristan is drawing, Steve is listening to his ipod and I am here just surfing the web.
Have an awesome Sunday!

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