Saturday, December 27, 2008

Finally Christmas Pictures

Pereira Family Christmas ~ December 25th

We headed over to my parents for lunch. Mom made turkey, potatoes, salad and carrots and crab. We all enjoyed eating together. We spent some time laughing and opening our gifts. My mom and dad were thrilled that we were all there together and that we were enjoying ourselves except for the fact that Ethan was running a very high fever. We continued to open our gifts.
~Dad got his favorite Portuguese channel and his domino's and holders.
~Mom received clothes from her grandchildren dogs, clothes from her human grandchildren and I can't remember what else she received.
~Jay received money, a tie and books that he really wanted.
~Lucy received money, a glass kettle and a gift certificate for a Spa.
~I received money and a coach purse. I also received a coach trigger for my keys.
~Steve received money and a business shirt.
~Moses received shirts, socks and video games.
~ Tristan received money, a Star Wars Lego set, bed sheets and Batman NintendoDS game.
~Ethan received money, a bike video game, bed sheets and some clothes.
~Sparky, Maggie and Jack received dog treats and toys.

I am telling you by far this has been the best Christmas with my family. We had a wonderful time and would have stayed longer had my little peanut not been that sick. I've attached some pictures for you to view.

My Daddy opening up his gift from the boys. We got him domino holders and new shiny domino's.

Jay extremely excited with the books he asked for. The boys always purchase the perfect gift.

Moses with one of the Portugal shirts the boys purchased for him.

Tristan with Vovo and Vavo.

My oh so sick little man.

My handsome husband and I.

The two biggest trouble makers around. Tristan and my dad.

Ethan and Vovo.

Here we are three Lucy, Moses and Me.
My brother Moses and I.
My sister and one very sick little Ethan.

My sister Lucy and her husband Jay.

Reis Family Christmas ~ December 26th
We drove out to Oshawa to spend a Reis Christmas with my in-laws. It was tons of fun and we enjoyed eating turkey, smashed potatoes, stuffing, crab and shrimp. We then headed down to the family room to open all our gifts from Secret Santa. It was great as everyone got exactly what they wanted. I have a gift certificate that I need to spend. I guess I should start thinking of what I will purchase. I also received another gift card from my brother in-law and sister in-law for my birthday. I think some shopping is in order in the next few weeks. Then as we are taking family pictures the doorbell rings and in comes a good friend of the family with his wife and two girls. We've met them before and there littlest daughter was born on the same day as Ethan. Tristan and Ethan had a blast playing with the girls. It was a nice change as they never have anyone to play with while there or any other family members houses'. They are the only two in our family for now.
We had a wonderful time. Ethan was still not feeling himself but he put on a good face for his little friend Vanessa. I've attached pictures and also some with the boys and their girls.

My in-laws Joe and Rita excited that we are all together celebrating Christmas with them.

My father in-law showing off his Home Depot gift card from his Secret Santa Steve.

My mother in-law was thrilled that I was able to find her Sunflowers perfume and also the sheet sets she requested from her Secret Santa. I was her Secret Santa.
Steve showing off his Secret Santa gift card for Future Shop. He already knows he is going to purchase a PS3. His Secret Santa was Nancy and Jason.
Nancy showing off her and Jason's Secret Santa gift of money from our in-laws. Have fun shopping guys!

The Reis Men. Left to Right: Steve, Ethan, Jose (Dad), Tristan and Jason.
Vavo with her first born grandson Tristan.
Ethan sitting with Vavo. Here he is still not feeling himself.

My sister in-law Nancy and I.

Ethan and Vanessa playing peak a boo.

Tristan and Mikayla posing for the camera.

I wish every year was as easy and carefree as this year. This was one of my best Christmas' with all the family. I truly enjoyed every moment and can't wait until next year.

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