Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas to one and to all

The evening was a hard one as Ethan got up every hour on the hour. I know he is sick. Poor baby it's like clock work every single Christmas Eve he gets sick and by morning he is just not interested.

At about 7am the boys were in our room and we were just hanging out. They were super excited to go down and get down to business. We headed down to find Santa had finished all his cookies but the reindeer did not finish their plate. Oh well, maybe just too full. The boys we delighted when they noticed all the gifts under our tree. There was some screaming with Tristan finding that Santa had left him the Nintendo DS he asked for and Ethan his Lego's. Tristan tore into every gift in record time. Now my poor little man was laying sick on the couch. He opened a couple and did not want to open anymore. Daddy got him up and tried talking him into opening them all. Well, he opened them with his time. At least his opening lasted all morning. I loved watching them enjoy opening and having fun with their gifts. Steve and I opened ours after the boys and were delighted with each others gifts. I have a new camera bag for my new camera and some awesome CD's to listen to. Steve will now be sporting some new clothes to work next week.

I've attached a series of photos of our Christmas morning.

Looks like Santa enjoyed his cookies and milk. Now I guess the reindeer had too much food because they left one carrot behind.

My little man not feeling well. He was up almost all night.

Tristan checking to see if Santa left anything for him.

Daddy helping Ethan with his gifts.

Ethan tearing into his gifts from Santa but making sure not to make any mess.

Tristan riping into his gifts from Santa.

The first ornament of the season from The Bennett Family. I love him.
Our 2008 Christmas Morning Family Photo.
Steve with the boys.
Mommy and her little men.
After all the excitement of spending a Christmas morning together we get to head out to my parents house this afternoon for a late lunch. I am looking forward to spending some time with my sister Lucy, her husband Jay (who sometimes drives me nuts), my niece dog Maggie and nephew dog Jack, my brother Moses, my parents and their dog Sparky. We will eat, laugh and open more gifts from each other. It's always a great time during the holidays.
Tomorrow we are heading to Oshawa for lunch with my in-laws, brother in-law Jason and his wife Nancy. Another day filled with fun, food and more opening of gifts. This year we have decided to do Kris Kringle so that should be interesting to see what everyone gets. I'll post pictures of all the fun and food we enjoy in the next couple of days.
Merry Christmas and enjoy all your presents.


Jemma said...

looks like a great morning, your poor wee man though, i hope he is well enough to enjoy the rest of the day! Cant get over how much your oldest looks like your dh!! :o

Wishing you and your family an amazing festive period and the very best for the new year!

ALLY said...

Gorgeous pictures Veronica!!! Especially love the morning
PJ family picture. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

kramer_buffy said...

love them girl... specially the family one.

-- dalis