Thursday, January 01, 2009

2009 here we are

Sorry to report but I fell asleep at 10 pm. I didn't even make it to close to midnight. We tried we really did. lol

I have been think about my word for this year and I have been having a huge problem trying to figure out what it will be. I have decided that it should be family. I want to spend more time with my family. My sister who I miss dearly even though she lives just 5 minutes from me. My brother who we should have over more often to play with the kids. I guess I can even go to my parents summer place for a visit or two. Now that the boys are getting a little older things should start getting a little less crazy for us. Yeah right I know I am only kidding myself.

My goals for this year are:
~go on dates with my husband
~lose some weight
~scrapbooking more in Ethan's album
~de-clutter our house
~finish Disney trip album
~Obtain my goal of $1,500 donation for Crop for the Cure 2009

I wish you all a great year and hope that you reach all of your goals and more.


Claudia and Luke said...

Hey Veronica...some of the same goals as me....good for you

Happy New Year

Barbara said...

As the boys get older, it really does get a little easier. It changes, really. I'm not running around after them, just running around taking them places.