Friday, January 16, 2009

This is certainly blog candy day

My girlfriend Allison from So Sketchy asked us all to go and check out a new company coming out with a new line but even better they have a giveaway. There stuff is super cute and I can't wait to start seeing it in stores. Go over and enter my leaving a comment on who sent you. Tell them Veronica Reis sent you.

Good Luck Everyone!

P.S. If you can please look down three posts I am asking you to please help me in my request for help. I need quotes and poems for the special gifts I am in the process of finishing. I am thinking that I should sending out some blog candy. I'll have my little man pick out a number and I'll send you a package to say thanks.


kramer_buffy said...

girl... a bit of help w/ a link to that new company would be nice... :)

-- dalis

Veronica said...

Sorry Dalis. Fixed it. The thigns you forget when you are posting at night and very tired.