Sunday, January 18, 2009


We took the kids up the street to our local park. There are minimal hills and just perfect for our little ones. When they get a little older we can go and check out the huge hills but for now mommies heart can only handle these ones. lol

We had so much fun listening to the boys scream and laugh. My heart was truly happy. I was even surprised my husband took a turn on the toboggan. Or like Tristan likes to call it a chaboggan. It's so funny when he says it.

Look at this little face. Love this picture.

Ethan waiting for his turn.
Tristan throwing snow around.

The boys taking their very first toboggan ride.

Daddy taking Tris down.
Now it's Ethan's turn.

His poor little hands were covered in snow. lol

Steve and I.

Ethan and Mommy.

Mommy and her silly boy Tristan.
A wonderful snow day for some family fun. Have an awesome Monday!


Mellisa said...

you look like you had so much fun. I especially love that first picture. Beautiful.

Barbara said...

great pictures! I looks like everyone had a great time.