Thursday, January 22, 2009

Weird things happening over at Starbucks

Drove over to meet my dear friend Shelley at Starbucks. We ordered coffee and I also ordered a cupcake since I have never noticed that they sold cupcakes. There were vanilla bean (the one I purchased) and red velvet with chocolate icing. We sat down so that we could exchange cards and sure enough I notice the girl who just made our coffees pull out a tray from their refrigerator and proceeded to eat all 4 slices of chocolate chip cake slices. I was shocked as I have never in my life seen someone eat so fast. I thought wow she must be hungry then out comes the next tray with 3 cupcakes and in they went. I thought by this point at the speed that the food was going in that this girl has a problem. We were there for a little while and she polished off 3 rice krispies, more chocolate cake, cookies, more rice krispies, chocolate donuts and 4 tubs of fruit. She clearly has a problem and I really was grossed out watching this all happen in front of me. It wasn't like I had to strain myself to see this happen she was right there in front of me. I would have to get up and remove myself from my seat in order to get her out of my view. I feel really bad for her but at the same time feel bad for customers who have to pay an arm and a leg for their items and second for the company that is losing it's shirt when it all ends up in the toilet. I got the cupcake and was so looking forward to biting into it since visiting all the cupcake blogs lately but was only able to take two bites because I have never in my life seen anything like this. Shelley and I were shocked to say the least. Wow, another one for my books. When people tell me I should right a book I am thinking that with all the crazy things that happen maybe that will one day be a reality.

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