Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy Birthday to my brother Moses!!!

Today 28 years ago my brother was born. Moses was a beautiful little man and I remember my youngest memory (remember I was only 4) was of my mother freaking out when I tired to pull out his umbilical cord. I thought it was a dirty in his tummy. My mother was so over protective of her little man. Now having children of my own I can totally understand.

My brother is so special to me because he is a caring and loving person. I have been thou a lot of hardship with others while growing, they would make fun of him for not speaking (Moses is deaf) and has had a kidney transplant. I am so proud of who he has become. He is a great brother, son, uncle and godfather.
Here is a picture of my sister Lucy, my brother and I. We took this picture over the Christmas holidays. Not our best picture taken but better than nothing.
Happy Birthday Moses!!!! Wishing you an awesome year!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Moses! From your family in Bermuda!