Monday, July 13, 2009

Ah Summer...

Last week was Steve's week off so we did a few things as a family. I had another wedding to do flowers for. This time a very sweet bride Julie the ballet teacher at Rugcutterz. She looked beautiful and her dress was perfect for her style. I loved seeing her smile and I totally forgot how much fun it was to attend the ceremonies of my bride's and groom's. This one has been a first in a year or so. I usually let Edna or Rose take care of the ceremony while I work on the hall. I was thrilled that Edna and I worked fast and hard to get the hall prepared before the actual ceremony. Once that was done Edna and I headed over to the church and then after everything was in place Edna left for the day and I just hung out and took tons of pictures. I took a hole bunch but will only share a few with you so that you may see some of the flowers. I will be uploading an album to facebook later on to share the rest of the pictures. Congrats to the newly married couple. May you have many beautiful years together!



Head table at Paradise.

Close up and a picture of the main hall with all the centerpieces.

All in all everything looked beautiful and I was thrilled that I was able to be a part of this special event. Thanks Julie and Ivan for hiring me to do your flowers.
Hugs, Veronica

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