Thursday, July 09, 2009

Still up

It's nearly 1 am and I am still not in bed. I have been working on flowers for the last 3.5 hours and wanted to get the rest of the order finished but decided to call it a night. Came upstairs and started reading some of my favorite ones so decided to just post a hello to everyone out there who stops by.

Tomorrow Tristan and Steve are heading out to watch Transformer's and Ethan will be at daycare so I have the whole day to catch up with the rest of my floral orders. I have one last page to finish for my custom scrapbook for my customer. It turned out beautiful and I am happy that I worked on it all day Canada Day because now I only have one page and no stress. Well, maybe I will be stressed with something else.

Off to go and try to get some sleep before my little men come in at 6 am to get me up. Have an awesome night everyone!

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