Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Tristan lost his first tooth

Last Thursday morning Tristan finally lost his first tooth. He has been playing with it for the last week and I honestly thought he would have lost it at camp but was praying that it would happen at home instead. Well, I did get my wish and he is so excited about it. The tooth fairy did come that night and he really wanted to catch her in the act but said he didn't even get the chance. She was very careful not to leave any evidence. He has been driving me up the wall because he wants to go and buy a Pokemon box. I think it's a waste of money and think he should save it so he can purchase another DS game. Oh having to reason with a 6 year old. lol

Here are some pictures. Not the greatest ones but at least I got some. These first pictures were taken right after the tooth fell out.

His new smile. OMG!!!! It finally happened. lol

Getting the tooth box ready for the tooth fairy.

Eeyore getting ready to be the look out for the tooth fairy.
I honestly can't wait for my boys to finally be able to read this blog and see how much fun they had and how important their life is to me. I want them to have pictures and stories to go along with their memories and their life.
Thanks for reading. Have an awesome day!

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mommyme said...

Hey Vern!

What a busy girl ya are! :) I got dizzy just looking oand reading over your posts! Would love to do a card swap with ya guys one day.
Thanks for the info on your classes, I will have to make it to somehow to Markham one night! :)