Sunday, November 22, 2009

Holiday Blog Candy

This early afternoon I spent most of decorating my urns for the holiday season. I love doing this and every single year I purchase new items for my urns. Being a florist and having people come to my house instead of a shop makes it very important to have a beautiful entrance. This year my theme is simple, clean with a touch of red, white and silver. I so enjoy doing these that I decided to give a little something to anyone who leaves a comment letting me know what their favorite Christmas song is. You will receive these stamps delivered to you.

Deadline is Tuesday November 24th, 2009 midnight EST

*Please remember to leave a contacting e-mail so that I can send you out an e-mail letting you know you won. It's hard to send something out without the contact info.


Anonymous said...

My absolute favorite Christmas song is Walking in a Winter Wonderland. The first time I hear it on the radio, gets me in the Christmas spirit. I love silent night too but they played it at my mother's memorial, so it always makes me sad.

Claudia and Luke said...

Hey Veronica
I really am not one for Christmas...and really have never enjoyed it since I have lost both my parents and my family fell apart.....I would rather be in Florida....but I have alway enjoyed Christmas music....and my favourite song is O Holy Night and the vs sung by John Berry is my absoulte fav of all time

mommyme said...

I have a few fav songs but recently I started singing to the kids Hungarian x-mas songs: Telapo itt van ho a subaja jeg a szakalla zsak zsak teli zsak piros alma aranyag....
When it comes to Christmas this song is always in my head kidsd or no kids... ( remembering from when I was a child ).
Thanks for the chance... is my e-mail address.
Thanks and have a great evening!

ecemom said...

Hi Veronica!
My can I pick just one fave song? There are so many popular ones out there...White Christmas by Bing Crosby is one, and I also like The Irish Rovers' Grendma Got Run Over By A Reindeer for some silliness. Being in the church choir means I get some nice ones to sing too...Mary Rock is a real fun one and a fave here, but I think my all time fave that we sing is "Still".
Thanks for the fun!

sandybambi said...

Hey Vern,

I LOVE them all, but I also really enjoy Walking in a winter wonderland, I'm dreaming of a white Christmas......I can keep

Merry Christmas