Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Tuesday Update

Man has this week started off bad. First was Sunday I was just in a horrible mood. I felt like there wasn't enough time in the day to get all my stuff done. Monday came and it wasn't any better. First thing in the morning after dropping off Tristan, Ethan and I headed to Longos to pick up some milk. We noticed there was some reduced bananas and decided we would make it a baking day. My little man was so excited he was going to make banana bread with mommy. Walked out purchasing $45 of products for the banana bread, milk and some other things I remembered I needed. Got home and opened the trunk and sure enough milk was everywhere. Yup, paper packs ruined, clothes ruined and worst of all the trunk was covered in milk. Marg drove up to drop off her cards and sure enough got to see the tail end of things. I went back and showed them and they said there is a new bag of milk.....Have a nice day! Off I went with the new bag that I got the lady (Emily) at the service counter to check for me and came home. It took me 2 hours to clean that dam mess. Poor little Ethan was with me the whole time. Saying there is milk everywhere.

Fast forward to the evening. We ate, washed and headed for bed. At least me and the boys did until I hear my husband all pissed off downstairs.....of no, another bag of milk with holes in it. It spilled all over the fridge. Poor guy was up until midnight cleaning and throwing away the food. Today I spent most of my day cleaning the fridge and also went to the grocery store to replace the items that went to garbage. When I was at the store I went to take out my coupon organizer and noticed that there was something all over the inside of my purse. The hummus package (Dr. Poon) that I placed in there for a snack at some point exploded inside my purse. I decided at this point that instead of getting all upset that I should just go to Starbucks and enjoy a drink before heading home to clean the two messes. The banana bread is now in the oven and I just finished making all the beds. In about half an hour I will head out to pick up the kids and start a busy night of hip hop class for Tristan and finish wrapping all the shower gifts.

Hope my luck starts to change. If another bag of milk breaks in this house I will certainly have to lose it on someone.


Clare said...

oooh, I've had that happen here too, it drives me nuts! somehow a new bag of milk just doesn't make up for the mess eh?

Anonymous said...

(((hugs))) I've had days like that too.

Claudia and Luke said...

not a good day....those are the days that you need to go back to bed and get out on the proper side

but then...it can only get better

Alexis Smith said...

That's Horrible!!

I hope everything is better now!