Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Josh's ABC Album

Not sure if you all remember me writing about a little boy who's story is a sad one. He drown right in front of his father and has been having a very hard time since the incident. A lady in the scrapbook community who knows the family asked for some help in getting an ABC album together for Josh. I jumped at the chance to help out this special little boy. Today I remembered to go and check her site and sure enough the album is posted along with pictures of her son and Josh together. It makes me happy to see that this little boy got a album that he could use for his therapy. May he be blessed.

If you want to check out the link here it is.

This is just a reminder to do something special for someone this holiday season even if you don't even know them.

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Sherry Mendoza said...

Hey Veronica..thanks for the link :-) Josh is coming along very slowly... it has been really hard on the whole family thank you so much for contributing to the book and for remembering him at this special time of year :-)

Season wishes to you and your family

Sherry xx