Monday, December 07, 2009

A quick Hello

Just wanted to come on tonight before going to bed to say I had a good day today. Picked up some poinsettia's for the hospital. All ready decorated them all and sprayed them with glitter. Even got the chance to stop by A&E to do some shopping. I had to use up my $50 off coupon. I ended up picking up some new PJ's (with bling on them), bras and some socks. I am feeling so happy because I have officially dropped down 2 full sizes. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day. I am heading over to see Dr. Poon in the morning I'll let you know what happens. I think it's either the scale or me who is having a problem. I shouldn't complain too much. We will see what happens tomorrow. I'll make sure to come in and post.

Off to go let my nail polish dry. Yes, I paint my nails just before going to bed and sleep with my hands on my stomach so that I will not smear the polish. Works every time. I wake up and they are shinny and ready to go. You should try it. Only tip I have is to use a really good fast drying top coat. I recommend Essie. It's about $10 - $13 a bottle but totally worth it.

Have an awesome night!

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