Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Crazy Busy Week

Here's another busy week in my life. I can't believe sometimes how much running around I actually do. I've met with tons of clients and booked many events. It's funny as I am still recovering from last weekend and can't wait to get my hands back into water and arrange my beautiful flowers.

The weather has been stunning here in T.O. I'll take it since everyone seams much more pleasant with the sun shining.

On Sunday evening I drove out to Milton to meet up with Melissa (from Bermuda). I believe I've written about her before. She is the girl I met when I went down to say my final goodbye to my dear aunt Val. I read on facebook she arrived here in Canada and I just had to take her out to dinner. I really enjoyed sitting with her and just talking. We even had the chance to talk about her being there just minutes after my aunts passing.
~Melissa wishing you a wonderful time here in Canada and may you arrive in Bermy safe and sound. Send everyone my love.~

I can't believe it but only 6 days from now we (Edna, Rose and myself) will be at Ste. Anne's spa enjoying a wonderful day at the spa. I can not wait. I've been working so hard that I think I really need to just stop and relax at least for a day.

Speaking of Edna's birthday. Oh the things I did to my poor friend. I made sure that the whole street knew it was her 40th not to mention everyone who drove by her that morning. Yes, I put a huge cougar sign announcing to the street that it was her 40th. (If you're looking for awesome service and great signs contact my friend Judy (416)709-1130 from Announcements by the Yard www.announcementsbytheyard.ca ) Then if you think that was bad I make sure her husband left her car unlocked and Steve and I filled her car with 40 Happy Birthday balloons and streamers. Let's just say she was not impressed in the morning when she was trying to leave for work but instead was cleaning out her car. I was dying of laughter and was also holding my breath because I thought she would notice the sign I placed at the back of her car saying HONK!!!! I's my 40th birthday. She got honked at all the way into work. OMG!!!! When she was telling me what happened, I was almost rolling of laughter. I feel bad that I really had to remind her but I think it only made it more special for her. She is a wonderful friend and I can't imagine not making a big deal of her special day.

I better get myself to bed tonight at a reasonable hour.

Good Night!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sweet Pea!
I've tried to reach you to get a copy of the meal plan but haven't heard back. I know you're busy but whenever you have a sec that would be great! I'm on week 2 and running out of ideas already ;)

Keep up the great work! You're an inspiration!!

meninaadriana (at) gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Hi Veronica,
I am Tina's friend who will be calling you about flowers for my daughter's communion. I just took some time to look at your work on your website and on your facebook page. You are truly talented and the passion in all you work shows right through...I can't wait to meet with you.
Just thought I'd drop you a note...it's late at night and that is usually the time when I have the chance to get on my computer!

G'nite! Anna

Veronica said...

@ Anonymous Menina, I am so sorry. I have been flying by the seat of my pants. I am sending it out to you tonight. :)

Veronica said...

@ Anonymous Anna (Tina's friend)- lol Hi!!!!! Can't wait to meet you. Call me anytime. I will be running around tomorrow but would love to hear from you.