Monday, December 13, 2010

Bitter Cold

Wow, the weather is certainly frightful out there. It's minus 24 today, snowy and just plain yucky. I believe I really shouldn't of been born in the winter. I think deep down I should have been born in June or July because that is the weather I love most.

I like (I am stressing like) seeing the trees dusted and the children getting excited about building the perfect snowman but boy do I hate the cold bitter wind and everything that comes with it. We mostly stayed in this weekend. I really had no desire to be out there in the middle of the storm. I even had the chance to finish all the Christmas decorating and also all my accounting. Something that rarely ever happens here.

I was also able to get together with some girlfriends last Saturday. Had a great time drinking, chatting and just enjoying each others company.

Today I spent most of the day running around. I ended up getting some more shopping done. I would have thought I would have been done by now but the chocolate fundraiser has taken over my life right now. I have been at the school for the last 3 weeks every single day and on Thursday twice. I am happy that it is over and also delighted that we hit our target and surpassed it. Great feeling that we will be able to put the funds right back into the school come January.

I have been going nuts working. I have my last wedding of the season (year) this Saturday. It also falls on my birthday. I will have to share pictures once I get them taken after all the design work.

For my Pooners....... yes, I am still following my program and trying to stick to it as much as possible. I have been enjoying some parties but as soon as those are over I go right back on the plan. I know most of you e-mail me to ask and I always answer with this is my life now and I think I am so use to it that I will continue as it is working for me. Once you honestly get use to it, it becomes so easy.

I better get going just wanted to give everyone an update as to what has been going on in my life.

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