Tuesday, October 23, 2012

It's been awhile......

We are almost at the end of October and all I can say is what a crazy year it has been. I have had highs and many lows. Life always finds a way to take every curve in the road and leave you thinking that you possibly can not handle any more, but you are so wrong because you always do and always will. I truly wanted 2012 to be a better year for my family in regards to health and the year of the dragon has let me down. I am thankful that after going through all of this I am a stronger person but it still takes a lot out of you.

I would like to focus on the good. Tomorrow my sister will be turning 40. I have a few surprises planned and am looking forward to hearing her get really upset with me but after all we've been through I think she will just laugh it off. Or at least I hope she does. lol

Crop for the Cure 2012 is only 18 days away and I can't wait since this will be the 5th year anniversary of when I first started it on my own. There is so much to be excited for this year but also so much heart ache behind the word Cancer. It has hit my family a few too many times and to tell you the truth it hurts knowing that I am not only helping others but indeed my very own family. This year we lost my other Bermudian aunt. My aunties were very near and dear to my heart. Since the first time I stepped foot in Bermuda my two aunties have made going to Bermuda something to look forward to. Now going there will only remind me of them and the fact that I will never see them again. I am thankful that my father is here with us after putting up a fight. He is a strong person and I am so proud of him for giving it his all and beating cancer and winning.

I better get going and am happy that I finally got in here to write what's on my mind.

Good Night!


Callmerkay said...

Hi Veronica,

I have read and re-read your posts - it's so inspiring. You are so inspiring. I started the Poon diet yesterday - and it already feels like a week. I am very excited and very motivated. I am trying to compose a portfolio of poon-friendly recipes for Phase 1 to have easy 'go-to' recipes. If possible, kindly send the menu plan/recipes. My email is: callmerkay@gmail.com

laura mangialardi said...

hi veronia,
can you send me your meal plan information at lauraleo45@gmail.com