Saturday, September 09, 2006

Wow What a night

It has been a long day but the night is proven to be even longer. Started by making the last two arrnagments for the wedding tomorrow (today now) and then delivering all floral. Came home and left for Cherished Scrapbooks. Tara and I had a busy evening ahead of us. We ordered Swiss Chalet and her mother was in town. Of course the poor woman orders dark meat and it was not cooked so we called back only for the delivery guy to come back with 7 whole new meals. We sent them back because we just wanted the one replaced.

We did finish all items needed to be done for Crop for the Cure which will be taking place on September 16th. I could not believe we worked until 1:30 in the morning. Plus leaving there and coming home to start this blog. I guess some thing this is crazy but I believe that getting your feelings out in the open is great. This is just a different way of doing it.

I better check my web-sites out and then go to bed because I will have to be up early for the wedding.

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