Thursday, November 30, 2006

It's early

I can not believe that it is 3:48AM and I am up. Well both Steve and I are up with baby Ethan. Tristan kept us up until 11:45PM and then it was Ethan's turn now. I decided to take my shower and get the day started. Edna and I are going to Mr. B's for their annual Christmas sale. Jennifer Valentine will be there with Breakfast Television from 7AM to 9AM. I can't wait to meet her as I have been a fan of the show for some years now. I really think they do a wonderful job and always entertained me during the morning when I use to work.

They are also doing a 3 draws for $500 each. I wish that Edna or I win something. I could really use the money for Christmas gifts. EI still has not come thru. For me it's been 8 weeks I've been off work and for Steve it's been 4 weeks. They are really laxed people over there. Oh well nothing we can do to speed uo the process. We will see what the day brings.

I'll try and log in later to see what came of the day. Off to go and check out some of my on-line forums.

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