Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Serious Shopping Day

Today was a crazy day. I decided that after dropping off Steve that I would hit Vaughan Mills and get some serious shopping done. Got to the mall and Ethan decided to have a fit. I feed him and made sure he was happy but of course he was not. I had to carry him almost the whole time we were there. Stopped by Children's Place and purchased the rest of Ethan's outfit and Tristan shirt for the photo shoot tomorrow. We are going to Loblaws to get our Christmas family pictures taken. This will be the first family picture with Ethan in it. This is why it is important to me to get these done and to send them out as cards instead of regular Christmas cards. I think our family and friends will love them.

I then went into Laura and could not believe that there was a whole bunch of beautiful jeans and pants in my size. I purchase my first pair of brown cords. I've been wanting a pair for awhile but can never find a pair that looks great. They were hald price. Better for me. I also found a nice pair of jeans. Regular $135.00 on sale for $39.99. I might go back and purchase them for myself but I will wait and see.

I also stopped by Tristan America and purchase a whole bunch of items for Steve from the kids and also from me. I'm sure he will love it all as he said he wanted and needed these items. I had a hard time with Jay's gift but ended up buying him a pair of jeans and a tie. They are both really nice and I hope that he likes them both. As for my sister I can never find something that she will like so I ended up giving up on trying to find the perfect black guess purse. I guess I will have to try the Guess store next time I am there.

I purchased my mother in-laws present and am still on the hunt for the perfect gift to give my father in-law. The man is one hard person to buy for. I never know what to get him besides jogging pants. He loves those things but hey what can I say it's looking like it will be another year of joggers. lol

Needless to say that I was tired after all that shopping. I picked up Tristan and listened to Ethan scream all the way home. Thank God it is only a 5 minute drive. Feed Ethan then Tristan. Gave Tris his bath and also jumped into the shower. Steve got home around 7:45 p.m. and I started to wrap presents. They are all wrapped and I can now go to bed. I thought I was all done wrapping then Steve reminded me that I have a whole bunch of presents to wrap that are still sitting in the garage. I guess tomorrow I knwo what I will be doing.

Good Night!

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