Sunday, December 17, 2006

We're 55 minutes away from the BIG 30

Well here I am posting just before my 30th birthday. I really do nnot have much feelings about turning 30 as I really feel the same as before. It really is just a number.

Steve had all our family over for cake and coffee. Of course my brother in-law and sister in-law cancelled at the last minute. I was a little sad as I enjoy seeing them every so often. I feel really sad for Steve as it's his only borther. I get to speak and see my sister a lot. If we do not talk at least 2 times a day it's really not a normal day for us. I guess they will realize that life is too short and you really must make the best of it.

I got the revelution by Quickutz that I wanted. Makes it easier on my hands. I've been really having a hard time with them as things are differnet now. They hurt more. I guess you would have to say it's with age. lol I should really start taking my pills again. Waiting to go and see the doctor again and see what she says.

I have a busy week of just getting things done for Ethan's baptism and also for New Year's. I'm looking forward to a great upcoming year for all of us.

Happy Birthday to me!

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