Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Life coming at you

I can not believe sometimes the things I have to deal with. I was so happy until I found out my sister is having some problems. I am so sad for her my heart feels like it is going to break. I wish I could asorbe some of her pain. I know in life we all have to go throu certain doors in order to live. I was so happy that finally she was ready to start her family and be happy. After all the bull shit in her life it's about time. My only thing is I want her to be happy once and for all she deserves so much more than that.

My day was pretty good. I dropped Tristan off at school and went shopping with Ethan. We hit Bombay, Michael's and Walmart. Did I mention that I should really try not to shop at Walmart Woodbridge. They are all a bunch of crazies working there. I always have a bad experience while shopping there.

I am trying to get all prizes out for the 2Gals crop from the weekend. I had so much fun with it this past weekend. I love the fact that there are some wonderful people that come and hang out with us.

I want to go and make some cards tonight for the upcoming birthdays so I better get off the computer and go. I also have to do some of my work for a customer.

I'll see you when I see you.

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