Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter! The Easter bunny was here this morning. Tristan woke up at 7 am and ran downstairs to see that the bunny had been here to drop off chocolates everywhere. He piled them all in one pile so that when I came down to meet him with Ethan in tow they can have a field day with the chocolates. Even little Ethan got in on the action. He ate the little eggs with the wrappers still on. It's funny how these little ones know that you can eat the eggs. I managed to take off the wrapper and let him have two chocolates. Tristan ate as much as he could before I cleaned up the floor and put away the rest of the loot for later. Hopefully they forget and Steve and I can throw them out.

This week Steve took the week off and we spent Monday in the States doing some cross the boarder shopping. I got some pretty cool items. I will go back to pick up some more t-shirts because I love the feel and colours of them. I found a new big girls store called The Avenue on 2658 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14216 - 1103. Some of their styles are for the older women but then there is half of the store that has something for our age group. They even sell shoes. I can not wait to go back and do some shopping. I've already invited Rose and Lisa to go and check things out. Getting back to the week with Steve. We actually had a wonderful time together. I enjoyed having him home with me and the boys. I hope that he can see what I go thou in a week with these boys of mine. I would not change it for the world but they are a tough pair. I think him being home this week helped with me not going into a major downer. I feel like that is where it was heading. I guess the winter has been long and all I want is to be able to bring them to the back yard so that we can play in the sand box. I can not wait to see my little guy out there inter-acting with his little friends.

I finally met little Zoe. She is so cute. She reminds me of her older brother when he was just a little one. I got to hold her and yet again no urge to have another one at all. Not even the girl everyone is telling me I need to have. I guess Zoe will soon understand that she is the first girl on our street to be born on Lodgeway. She will be spoiled. I am looking forward to watching her grow.

I seam to be missing something with the boys (Tristan and Jaden) I look at them and feel that they have grown and I have missed something. They both look like little men instead of little boys. The words they say just blow me away. They have conversations just as Edna and I do. It's so funny to hear them speak to one another. Before we know it our boys will be going to university.

My mother in-laws 51st birthday was yesterday. We went to Oshawa to visit and have lunch with the family. We were able to meet up with Jason and Nancy. It was so nice to see them again. I missed them this year because we have not seen each other in a while. I guess life gets in the way of so many things. I will make a little more effort to see them this summer. Harder for me as this summer with be another packed one with the flowers. I know my mother in-law had a wonderful birthday because the boys where there and also because both her sons were there with her.

Going over to my side today. Maggie my niece (dog) will be there. Let's see how long Steve can handle the dog with the kids. She is very cute but gets very excited when she sees the kids. I guess because she is not use to having any children around her yet. Soon enough (I am hoping) she will know what it is like to have some of the human variety around. I am hoping to be an aunt sometime soon. I'm already 31 and I tell you by the time I am 32 if there is no talk of someone being pregnant or a baby here I think I will know for sure that it will never happen. I guess not everyone was born to be an aunt in their life. At least I am happy that I am a mom. These boys are my everything.

I better get going as you can see I have not posted since the 11th but I am sure making up for it now. I will try and get back early so that I can scrapbook. I guess I will have to post of the layouts and cards I have been creating.

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