Friday, March 28, 2008

It's a sunny day ~ Happy Birthday Mommy

It's a nice sunny day here today. Glad it is because all we have seen has been snow. I guess I should not hold my breath as it will snow later tonight.

I am happy that I go the bride off my list of things to do. Now I have my other brides to take care of. I need to place orders for both scrapbooking and floral in the next couple of days. Still no designs for Croptopia but I stayed up last night thinking about a card layout that I will work on at some point in the next couple of days.

Today is my mom's 59th birthday today. We will spend the day with her tomorrow. Busy day as I have to take T man to dance then go over for lunch and come home and create. I want to spend some time with her before her big 60th in one year. I guess my sister and I should start planning something. Maybe a big party. Hmmmm ...... now to plan.

My friend Lisa stopped by for a quick visit. It's always fun because we can just hang together. She is fun and always makes me laugh. Nice to see that she always (likes) The Queen. The only difference is that I love the Queen. She still got it after all these years.

I'm going to head out to do some shopping with the boys. Things have been a little less crazy with the two of them. Even though I hear one causing trouble right now. Just as long as he doesn't split open his hand again everything will be fine.

Interesting fact about me. Yesterday was the anniversary our first date. March 27th, 1993. It's been 15 wonderful years. Happy dating anniversary to hubby and I. May we celebrate another 15 years together happy as we have been.

As Rachel Ray says I'll see you when I see you.....

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