Monday, March 03, 2008

It's already March

March........already. I can not believe the days have slipped by me once again. I feel like there is never any time to finish everything I have to do in a day. Or maybe my lists are too long.

This month I am booked solid with everything from doing flowers to attending them. I also have a lot on my plate with scrapbooking. I have a on-line design team crop that I have to complete 9 projects. I already have most of them finished but still have a few more to go. I also have to get ready for upcoming classes. Busy time of the year. This is the start of so many things. Bring them on I am always ready.

Steve is home today. I love it when he is home because at least it gives me a little more time to do things I usually don't have the time for. I need to get Anthony's invitations ready as I promised my cousin's wife I would do them for her. She was very sweet in making my life easy. She will put them all together for me. Makes my time a little easier for me.

I guess I should go down and get some work done instead of being on the computer. I'll check in later and show off my pictures of (hopefully) layouts I have completed.

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