Thursday, April 03, 2008

Sunshine finally....

I can not believe we finally have a little sunlight. It has been a beautiful day. I already finished all my running around and am waiting for 4:30 to go and pick up Steve.Tristan is on his 4 day and is taking no He is not really eating but I can see that he is drinking quite a bit. I can not wait to hear him talk again. He is doing a lot more signing and am sure my brother would love to see it first hand. He's learned so many new signs in the last 4 days that his whole 5 years.

Ethan was confirmed with strep today. I hope that this is a good sign for him and his lump will go down and be gone. If not then another roller coaster we will have to go on. I guess if we all stick together we will get thru.

I have a super busy weekend. I am doing the Mom2Mom sale with Amy. Let's see if we can get clean out these houses of all this wonderful clothes. I know that others can use it so it's going to be a god thing. Just hard to clean everything out. My boys are growing and before I know it they will be going away to college.

Going to Cherished tonight and will sort out the card exchange. I hope the other cards are waiting for me. I really hate keeping people waiting because of others. I should post some of the cards that we have created in the last few months. They really are beautiful. Almost ready for Croptopia. I have my classes to finish planning and then it's just the uploading of pictures since I already handed in my bio and class descriptions. Only 50 days left to go. Yahoo!!! This year should be fun as I am attending with Rose and Lisa. I'm telling you it's going to be one awesome weekend. One to certainly remember.

T-man's birthday party is almost here. It will be held on the 27th. I have already purchased all the loot bags, mailed out family invites and will drop off school friend invites on Tuesday. I will make all the labels for the loot bags this weekend and finish them with a ribbon. I've purchased the cups, plates and napkins for the kids tables. The adults should be purchased by next weekend. I also have to think about ordering the food. I've asked everyone to reply by the 14. Should give me some numbers and time to finish planning everything perfectly.

Go out and enjoy the sun it's a beautiful day!

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