Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Oh excitment....

First I want to start by saying Tristan's surgery went well. He is still sick but looking alot better than yesterday. I have been hugging and fussing over him and he loves it. I am enjoying this time with him because he is usually so busy that you can't hug for more than a second. I'll keep updating this as he feels better.

Today I received an e-mail from a lady who works for Aeroplan. She was referred to me by Irene who works with me at Cherished. She was very happy to hear my offer and design ideas for her event. She hired me right on the spot. I am excited to be working with her and am happy that the business is doing great again this year. It's a crazy life with the business' and the kids but it makes me happy.

Tonight Steve and I will talk about the new car and what we are going to do to give me a little break with the kids. I need to get some time to concentrate on the house and my projects for this year. I'll keep you posted. Better get going as I have to go and place some orders.

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