Friday, May 30, 2008

Sex and the City

Lucy my sister and I are going out for a sister's night out. I can not believe I got to the theatre this morning only to find out the 9:50 pm show was sold out. I was the first one in line. Imagine the look on my face when the cashier told me that. lol I ended up getting tickets for 10:20 pm and am so excited that we will be able to have dinner at Bouton Rouge. I am loving their salads. Yummy!

I will try and take a couple of pictures but you all know how my sister is with the camera in her face. She is the one who likes to be behind the camera not in front. This has been a long time for us and we deserve every minute of it. I will go and dress up and do my hair. Can you tell I am super excited. I'll come back and post all about the evening.

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