Monday, June 02, 2008

The movie Review: Sex in the City

OMG!!! What can I say about this movie.....just awesome! I laughed, I cried and ended up loving every minute of it. I just want to go out and watch it again and again. I guess it's one of those films that you just feel great watching because you already feel so close to the cast.

Lucy and I went out to Baton Rouge and she treated us to dinner. I had my favorite salad but forgot to ask for grilled chicken instead of the fried. I really did not like it with the fried chicken. I guess I should remember that for next time. Sometimes things are just better the way you like it without any changes.

We got to the theatre about 1 hour before and could not find parking if our life depended on it. We get into the line up and there are tons and I mean tons of ladies in this line. I have never seen a line up like this for a movie. We of course were the last ones. lol

I think out of all the cast members I loved the Samantha role. Who am I kidding they were all awesome.

I say take your high heels out and go for dinner and head out to watch Sex and the City.

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