Thursday, May 29, 2008

Where has the time gone?

I can not believe we are almost in June. We Rose, Lisa and myself just got back from Croptopia on Sunday evening. We had an awesome time and could not believe how fast the whole 3 day weekend moved. I guess in life as we get older things tend to move a lot faster.

I have a ton of pictures to upload from our weekend but the upload feature is currently not working on here so I have to do that later on. I have a picture of the only two layouts that I did all weekend and one card. Thank God it was for my design team stuff or else I would be going crazy trying to finish that too.

I have booked myself like crazy. I even booked two weddings to do flowers for on November 8th. I am going to see how this goes. If it works out I'll continue doing two weddings every second weekend. This year I am getting lucky with some great bride's & groom's. I am having tons of fun with them and am so looking forward to seeing them get married. I am going to try and get pictures this season and post them up here and on my website. I know I am bad with that. I just never find the time to take pictures on a busy day delivering and running around.

I am currently working hard to see if I can host the next crop in June. I have so much to do already but think this would be something great if I ended up actually doing it. I have to see if all the work involved is going to pay off in the long run. I'll keep everyone post on when and where.

I have finally decided that October at my Crop for the Cure event will be the time I am going to finally donate my hair. I just started going to a new hair stylist named Cheri and am hoping that she could attend the event. Maybe make some new friends while there and promote the studio as well. I'll see and post up pictures when that happens. It will be a big moment in my life as I've always wanted to do this but most importantly will be doing it for someone else who I don't even know.

I better get going as I have a lot of to today. Going to try and get some business stuff sorted out.

Bye for now.

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