Saturday, May 17, 2008

I witnessed an accident

I witnessed the accident yesterday Friday May 16th, 2008. Myself and the truck driver were driving east on a green light (for us) on Major Mackenzie when I noticed there was a mini van inching up closely to make a right. The truck driver also noticed him and hocked his horn. The man inside the mini van did not stop he kept on driving at which this point he hit the truck on the right side. I did not think the truck could stop in time for me to stop safely in front of the truck so I kept on driving until I got to the next light and made a right and turned back. I came back to the actual accident site and stopped in front of the truck. I did manage to speak to the truck driver and still was in stock that the gentleman in the mini van could not see this large truck coming towards him. I was very happy to see him actually getting out of his van. I then gave my business card to the truck driver and explained that I had a 19 month old in the car and was on my way to pick up my 5 year old from school. He thanked me for coming back and said he would pass along the business card to the police officer.

I got home from picking Tristan up and got a call from the officer. She was so nice and also thanked me for taking the time to pass along my story. She asked me to send her an e- mail of what I had said to her because the man in the mini van was charged with failing to stop. He might be going to court so that means if he does I'll have to go as well.

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