Sunday, June 22, 2008

Happy Birthday to my wonderful hubby....

Today you are the same age as I am 31. You always joke with me about me being the older women but when June 22nd hits we are equal again. lol I know sometimes we (the kids and I) drive you crazy but you must know by now that we love you. I hope you have a good day and I know we are unable to do much because of all my events booked today but know that I love you more for letting me fly my dragon fly wings. Thank you, you are truely my soul, my smile and my life. I love you very much. Happy Birthday!

Here are the pictures of my weekend events.
A Funeral

A Baptism

A Wedding

I still have to do the arrangement for tomorrow's birthday but will try and remember to take a picture and post it before tomorrow.

Here is what I came home to. I can not believe this guy. They where playing soccer outside while I was gone. He insisted that he was going to be the goalie. Steve kicked the ball and I guess Tris tired saving it with his face. Instead landed on it. Poor little man I am sure he doesn't mean to cause so much trouble but boy do we have our hands full with this one.

Off to go and design just one more arrangement.

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