Thursday, June 26, 2008

All in a days work....a mother's work is never done

It started off as any other Thursday. We went to my suppliers to pick up the flowers to fill all upcoming orders. Ethan decuided he was going to be a frog and wear Kim's gloves. Yes, he looked very cute so we could not resist taking a picture.

Ethan the Frogger.

Here is the Birthday vase arrangement as promised from the other day. She loved it and called as soon as she gave it to her daughter. Her daughter was very happy and wants mom to get her arrangements thru me always.

Birthday Vase Arrangement.

As Ethan slept for about 1.5 hours today it gave me a chance to make Aimee's baby shower card. I am looking forward to attending the shower this Sunday. I got her a gift card, a basket filled with baby products and all the wash cloths on her registry.

Aimee's Baby Shower Card.

Steve called at about 4:30 to let me know he was going to a work party. Fine great go ahead. He always lets me go to work in peace so I told him to have a blast. Well, I cooked dinner for all and feed the kids and then myself. Steve called and explained me would be home later than the 6:30 he told me. The kids were driving me nuts so I decided to come up with them so that they can play and I can login to the computer to check e-mail. I receieved a call from Steve to tell me that he was still downtown and that he would be home later. I said fine the kids where being o.k. and to enjoy. As I hung up with him LIsa called and we were chatting for about 3 minutes when the boys walked into my room and low and behold this is what I saw.

All you could see are his little eyeballs. lol

Of course the Big Boy was involved.

Walking into the room. Yes, that is powder everywhere.

Little one telling mama she needs to clean this all up.

I washing them both for the second time today. NOw I am going to finish cleaning before the Sir gets home. I hope he drank himself silly so that he doesn't notice the interesting scent and the cloudy look of our upstairs. lol

Have a great evening. I guess I will update tomorrow.


Hubby said...

You can't have anything lying around in the house - even baby powder has to be off limits :o

Charlene said...

Your flower arrangements are awesome.

Your children remind me of mine when they were young, forever getting into everything. LOL