Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What a weekend

Where do I begin. I had the Melo/Ditta wedding. What a wonderful couple to deal with. Sometimes the nicer they are the more you want to do your best work for. From the moment they walked into my life I knew that these two where a special pair. I laughed and enjoyed every single time we sat at my kitchen table. These two will last a long time. I hope to be doing the flowers for their 25th and 50th wedding anniversary. Happy marriage to the two of you.

Here is a picture of one of the urns.

Here is a picture of the tabletop arrangements on the attandants tables.

The centerpiece.

All while designing all the centerpieces at the hall poor Edna was at the church making sure everything looked great. Thanks Edna without you I could not make this day possible. You are a great friend.

She got up to the hall only to find that I still was not done. The recital yes, I did say the recital rehersal was taking place at 3:20 pm and it was now 2:30 pm. We ran around like chickens without heads trying to make everything look just like I had visioned. Well, when we left everything was just perfect except for the fact that we were super late. I felt horrible for the boys but we decided that being parents we should show our children that we should always show our faces even if there was no way of getting to the Rose Theatre in Brampton on time. We got there at 3:40 thinking that maybe they were running late. The boys did get to go on stage and just check things out. They did dance last year at the same theatre so I was not too worried.

Sunday recital was great. I was so proud of my boy. He looked great and did a wonderful job. Jaden also did a wonderful job. These boys are something else. My wish for them is to have as much fun together as Edna (Jaden's mother) and I do. I can tell you that I will never forget her for the rest of my life. She is a wonderful friend.

Here are some pictures that I took on Monday nights recital just before the boys going in to dance. I did not watch this nights performance but heard from Lenna and Sierra's mom that my son had the whole theatre in stitches. We all know Tristan and that is toatally possible. He looks like Dad but is his Mother in personality.

Here is a picture of my dancer.

Jaden and Tristan.

Altered Frappaccino Bottles for the boys candied gifts on a job well done.

It was hectic to say the least but I did learn one thing this weekend. It was that great friends always stick together no matter what.

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