Monday, August 25, 2008

Do you ever feel like you want to be something else...

when you grow up. I don't know why I think about it at times and think wow I would love to write my own book. I should maybe write it about my life I tell there would be stories in there. Other days I think I should start walking morning and night and eventually becoming a runner and doing a 2km run or something crazy like that. Other days I want to become a skydiver but know that would never be as I am scared of heights. There's always the thought of becoming a painter and painting beautiful paintings that one day will sell for thousands. Then again who am I kidding. As much as I think about everything I could do and think I love being who I am

....a mom to two beautiful little boys that could be a little less busy but I wouldn't change them if asked.

....a wife to a wonderful man who just wants to love me all the time.

....a floral designer who gets to work with some awesome people, who all have a wonderful story to share.

....a scrapbooker who loves just placing her families memories in layouts that sometimes surprises even herself.

....a sister to one great sister and one great brother. Without them I could not live my life. For everything we have gone thru only shows how much we truely mean to one another.

....a daughter to two wonderful parents who have tried all their life to give us more than they had. But most importantly show us right from wrong and to always be true to yourself and to others.

....a daughter in-law to two caring people who without them I would not have the love of my life.

....a friend to some of the most increditable people you will ever know.

So when you are thinking that you want to be something else look into who you are today and see that you are more than you give yourself credit for.

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