Monday, August 25, 2008

2 more sleeps

OMG!!!! I can not explain how excited I am right now with the Celine Dion concert just 2 sleeps away. What will I wear? How will I style my hair? I am excited about seeing her live in person but also excited to have a night out with hubby. We are going out to eat. I picked just a simple restaurant as he was looking to take me to a more expensive one. I think in my old age I am more particle. Maybe it's also the fact that we are leaving in 10 days for Disney. Another exciting adventure and an adventure it will be with these two little monkeys. A funny little story that happened tonight. Steve started their bath after we returned from running around and purchasing items needed for the household and our trip. They got in and we received a call that Steve really needed to take. He was talking to this person and I was walking from the bathroom to the computer. I should have known better as this time I really was not paying too much attending as I was checking out flight times for Steve. I walked back into the bathroom to find that the littlest monkey decided to pour in 3 bottles of their products into the bath water. There was bubbles everywhere and this is why they were so quite because they were playing with them. When we took the boys out they were both wearing bubble boots. I really should have taken a picture as Tristan was having a blast with his. Steve and I just laughed because he was so thrilled with the bubbles all over the hallway.

As you can see this was a talkative day as there are about 4 blog entries today alone.

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just another stay at home mom said... have a great husband...I don't know too many many men who would endure celion...LOL