Monday, August 25, 2008

Things are busy

I have been away from posting the last couple of days because I have been super busy. Yesterday we spent the day just hanging out in our PJ's all day. We haven't done that in a long time. It was really cool to just have a chilled out day. I finished some paperwork that I needed to get done for the business and also decided to call all my bride's and grooms that I needed to get back on. Boy I am setting up a great year next year. At least I will keep myself busy and out of trouble.

I wanted to share with you some pictures I took over the weekend as I just figured out my camera actually takes sepia and black & white pictures if you place it in the right setting. So this weekend I decided to play and just snap some pictures.

Here are the boys hanging out in our room on our bed as usual. I wish they hung out on their bed as much as they do ours.

Here is a picture of our play date with Emily a friend we met while taking swimming classes at Maple pool. We enjoyed ourselves at Melville Splash pad on Friday.

Here's my chef at Vanessa's 5th birthday party. Vanessa and Tristan attended JK together. We had an awesome time and everyone laughed at the very funny boy named Tristan. He is something else this guy.
Friday night I was able to get together with my girlfriend Alexis and we had an awesome time scrapbooking. I even finished a double layout. I just need a title and voila it will be posted.
Saturday we did some running around and got the chance to go and have dinner with some really close friends. We had an awesome time and the kids all played nicely. Thanks for an awesome night.
Today we just have some cooking and washing in store before my evening meetings. I feel like I am going to be running around a lot this week as only 2 more sleeps to Celine Dion concert. I am so looking forward to it and maybe Steve and I can relax and enjoy each others company. I will even have a martini to loosen up. Thanks to my wonderful sister who will be taking care of the kids for us. I hope they give her a break.
Better go as I am making beds and want to get all more paper work done before our trip. I am also hoping that Mr. Ethan goes for a nap because then I can start prepping their clothes for our trip. I should start packed since it will be a crazy week this week. Only 10 more days before we leave.

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