Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The kids are just clowning around tonight

Today after all the morning craziness of Ethan getting up at 6 am. We finally were able to get things rolling and get ourselves to the circus. I thought it started at 2 pm so we got Ethan to take a quick nap and headed out there. It was about 5 minutes to 2 and there was not another soul in sight. I ended up walking in and the lady at the front desk asks me for fifteen dollars. The lady behind her was talking in Russian and then she looks at me and says o.k. five dollars. I am thinking wow I just got a bargain and she is probably thinking this mom is nuts she just paid five dollars for about 3 minutes of a show. We get to our seats and the boys are in shock because there are people up above us on the robes. He was nice until 2 minutes in and the announcer comes back and says now we should thank everyone who preformed today.....what????? Out come all these adults and children that were part of the act. I was thinking by this time that the 2 pm show did not start yet and they let me in to this one for five bucks and then are going to charge me $15 for the next show. Until they announce that the next show is next Friday. I come out and am more disappointed then the kids at this point because I rushed them and ran around like a chicken without a head just for a total of 3 minutes. So I took them to Dairy Queen and all is forgotten.

It's now almost 9 pm and Steve is at the soccer game and I am going thou hell to get this little one to bed. He has been screaming and shouting since 7:30's bed time. I keep putting him back to bed and he keeps coming out. Why is it that when I try and do it they do not listen dad gets them in there once and it's pretty much a done deal. This will most likely happen until Steve gets home at 11. Then he will put him in and he will fall asleep. Then guess what mom gets in the morning a 6 am wake up call from no other than Mr. Ethan. This is killing me.

I am going to just order some items and then take a shower and head to bed. What a fun and interesting life I lead. I guess this is what it is until they get a little older. I hope...... Good Night.

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