Monday, September 29, 2008

Candy, Apples and Pie...Oh my!

This weekend I was hired by my good friends, friend to decorate for her in-laws 50th wedding anniversary. She supplied me with everything all I had to do was work my majic. I had a ton of fun decorating and just putting the whole thing together. Sometimes it's nice to see the huge smile on your customers face because you created something that they love. I've attached some pictures of the head table and candy table which were the highlights of the afternoon.

The head table.

The candy table.

Candy Table Close up. Look at all that candy. Yummy!

We took the kid's apple picking to Applewood Farm again this year. I could not believe how many people where there on a Sunday afternoon. It was packed and so where the trees this year. I love looking at them so heavy with fruit that it weights them done. We picked 3 different varities and I am looking at baking some awesome apples with these. Here are some pics of the afternoon.

Picking and eatting.

Want some?

First bite....Yummy!!!

Silly Apple Eyes. I know it's a silly picture but I can not see my boys doing this with me when I am an old fart. These free spirited boys who knows what they will be doing with their mother years from now. Maybe silly apple eyes still. We'll have to see.

Apple picking men.

The boys in one of the displays. I am in love with this picture of them. I'll have to change the annual frame this week.

The Pie. Look at it. It turned out beautifully but we will only try it on Thanksgiving/Ethan's birthday party. It's now sitting in the freezer waiting.

Another year where we wait for this time and so it will pass as fast as it came.


Gaspegirl said...

What great photos! I especially love the one of the silly apple eyes and the boys in the Autumn scene! Awesome!!

Cheryl said...

Where did you guys go apple picking? That looks like so much fun!