Thursday, September 25, 2008

Crop for the Cure all set

I am telling you when I put my head to it and also have some awesome people stand behind me I can move mountains. Or at least I feel like I can. I have been going on and on about looking for the perfect place to host the Crop for the Cure and also make it a huge event that the PMH (Princess Margaret Hspital) would want to back me up. I want them to be a huge part of this because every year after finishing the crop I always feel empty like I could have done more and could have made it bigger than it was. Well, this year I have found the perfect location, which I might add has ramps and an elevator to take us to the most perfect room. I was so excited I think the lady thought I was nuts. I even measured one of the tables (with paper towel) so that I can calulate exactly how many of us scrapbooker/cardmakers can fit in there and have extra room to say add a store. Yes, I have been working with my dear friend Paula from Scrapbooks and Smiles in Treton, Ontario. She will be packaging up some awesome supplies and heading down so that we can get the most updated and coolest products while we are on our 15 hour mision. I am also trying to see if Vaughan Citizen is willing to come by and post us all on the first page of their newspaper. I think everyone who attends this event is awesome in doing so because the money raised will go to a great foundation. I have been working hard these last few months to get everything right and finally it is starting to look like it will be come a reality for me. I have so many ideas and so many wonderful companies and friends who are jumping up and down to help in any way they can. I will thank you all even before you are donating offically just because it takes a huge person to donate their, time and money without any strings attached.

I was able to get a ton of things done today because I had the day off without the boys. I missed them and was able to enjoy an awesome evening with them. I even had the time to change over my front yard to the fall theme. Felt weird because this year it's almost the end of September and it is stinking hot. Today was a high of 31 degrees. We are certainly enjoying an Indian summer but then again we did miss out on summer this year with all the rain. I really wish we could skip winter this year and just head back into Spring once this weather decided it was over. I guess I can continue dreaming.

I still have 9 items on my list of things to do before the night is over, so I better get off the computer and go get them done.

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