Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Anniversary Lucy & Jay!!!

This time last year I was marrying off my sister to a special man I found for her. Well, I can not take all the credit for this one there was another 3 individuals involved. Their names are Camille, Katelyn and Tristan. Without Tristan and Katelyn being born there would be no chance of Camille and I meeting. Me with my talking to every single person that crosses my path and Camille with her charm it was a perfect match for something to blossom for my sister and her husband's long time friend and law school partner. Now back to the wedding. I honestly had the time of my life at their wedding. I was so thrilled that my sister finally had a wonderful person to be with. They are happy together and so am I. Happy 1st year anniversary Lucy and Jay. Thank God someone knows the actual day you got married. I guess the reminders will be out early next year. lol

For their anniversary I thought long and hard as to what I was going to get them that they do not already own. I wanted something that my sister would remember and would always have something that I made for her. So the invite came into play and since Jay is not a huge fan of having pictures of himself plastered all over their house I decided to use the centerpiece picture instead. I know a tons of people myself included can not remember what their centerpiece looked like the day of their wedding. For me I have to refer back to the pictures every so often to remember oh yeah, that's the way it looked. Being in the business I make different centerpieces almost every single week.I hope my sister liked her gift.

We ended up taking them to Marcello's in Vaughan. It was Danny, Sandra, Lucy, Jay, Steve, Tristan, Ethan and I who attended. We enjoyed our lunch to no end. The food was just great. Now the cake we decided since we where celebrating their anniversary we should bring the top layer of the wedding cake. Let's just say it was just o.k. It's just not the same as it tasted 1 year ago. lol I should have picked up another cake just in case. Thank God next year we can have a cake without it being sitting in the freezer for another year.

The custom frame I made them with their wedding invite and a picture of their centerpiece.

On Saturday night I had my super sweet friend Alexis over for some scrappin' fun. First I attended Alexander's 6th birthday and then dance with Tristan. The day was pretty packed but I ended up having a blast. Alexis arrived at about 7 pm. She brought a science project for the boys. I have myself never seen this one either so it was like a treat for all of us. She took the bottle of pop and placed a whole package of mentos candies and the thing blew up in the backyard of course. It was up about 1 foot from the bottles mouth. The boys thought it was cool so I can see that Alexis is in their good books. She then proceeds to give me yet another gift. Inside a beautiful little box was a ton and a half of some beautiful embellishments and some chocolates. Yes, it included my favs white chocolate. I thought this was a very nice treat and was thankful for the surprise.

We ended up cardmaking until almost 3 am. We had tons of fun and I created 25 invitations for a customer of mine that I am doing flowers for. It's for her daughter's Baptism. I enjoyed doing them but did not think they would take me this long. I ended up spending the whole 8 hours on them. That was just the assembly not counting the printing and cutting. Well, just when you think that I was nuts it was great handing them over to her husband and him thanking me to making them beautiful and super fast. Then you know that it was all worth it. Here's a picture of just the front of the invite.

Invitation (Front)

I baked again today and already gave away all the Extreme Chocolate Banana Walnut Bread. This stuff is super delish. I know what I am having for breakfast tomorrow. Can't wait. Ethan ended up causing it today since he decided to dump the whole bag of chocolate milk inside the fridge while the drawer was open. I had to wash all the cheeses. I am telling you that I can not wait until tomorrow since Tristan will be at school and Ethan will start his first full day of daycare. I have a list of things to do. Start changing over their clothes, finish inputting more invoices, ordering flowers for the upcoming weddings, of course cooking and making sure some of my accounts are up to date. I have a busy day and let's see if I will get at least two things crossed off this list of lists.

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