Thursday, September 18, 2008

Running and running

Do you ever find yourself running around but feel you never get everything you wanted finished. I feel like this every single day. I guess I thought this week I would get a lot more done than what I have. My bedroom still looks like a bomb went off in it. The only good thing about this week was I had a few hours with no kids here and there. Tomorrow Steve is home on flex and I am going to tackle this bedroom once and for all. I will take pictures of the before and after. I guess I will be really tired after the day of cleaning and filing for my business. Maybe next year I will hire a person to do this all for me. Who am I kidding I would find a problem with every single thing they did because deep down inside I still love the entering of data and the sorting of paper.

I can not tell you how excited I am for this weekend as I plan to scrapbook and catch up on my projects. I have been playing around downstairs cleaning this and cleaning that. I never actually sit down and work anymore. This weekend is going to be different. I have a ton of projects to do and a lot of invitations to complete. I will post pictures of all my work this weekend. I am also excited to be designing a card that will be featured on a card sketch a day's blog in the upcoming weeks. I will wait until it is posted on the blog before linking it back to here. I think it should be a surprise for everyone at the same time instead of you all seeing it before hand.

Thursdays are now busier than ever. Both Tristan and Ethan will be away for the day starting next week and Steve has a course for the next 10 weeks and only gets home past 8pm. The boys I pick up at 3:30. I am so looking forward to the extra time to get my stuff done but yet also for the time I get to myself.

It's now 7:19 pm and I am finished with the cooking, feed the children and they are all washed and ready for bed. I guess we will wait for papa to get home to a kiss and bedtime it is. It's been a long day for them and myself as well.

Today since having the extra few hours I managed to go and secure the location for Crop for the Cure which will be held on Saturday November 1, 2008 from 9am to 5pm for now. I have the chance to change it to later but I guess we will have to see. I might even keep it to midnight if I have the right numbers. All I am saying about the location for now is it is being held in Woodbridge on Highway #7 so easy for everyone to get to. I am heading there tomorrow and finally able to see it and how many people it can hold. After all the places I have gone to look at I have been reassured that this is it and I will love it. I hope it works for everyone and that everyone is super comfy and if it's a great place we look forward to using it in the future.

At some point I will have to get to the library to pick up a book I have on hold. I can't wait to see what my next read will be. Hopefully this time the book will include all the pages.

I guess I will continue to run and run......bye for now.

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