Thursday, September 11, 2008

We're back and super tired

I can not believe the trip is done and over with. Things are already back to normal. If you know Steve and I you know that when something is out of the norm we stay up as long as it takes to get it back to normal. O.k. not for me anymore because of course my side of the bedroom looks like a bomb went off and will never again be back to the way it use to be. My goal is to have it back to the way it use to be by December 31. Could be this year or next I am not making any promises. Steve stayed up and washed all the clothes. I had no idea or else I would have also stayed up and helped. He told me he was up until 3:30 am and I asked him what he was doing until then and he said he finished all his dvd recordings and while he was waiting for them he cleaned everything in sight. I think he is a keeper until he pisses me off and then I'll want to sell him as fast as I could. lol

I am lucky because instead of thinking back the last 7 days I have kept a had written journal of our experiences in Florida. Everything at Disney is just perfect. I can not believe there was not one problem with flight, hotel, parks, dining reservations the whole time we where there. I think because I had everything pre-planned and took my itinerary with me that there was no room for problems unless of course we are talking about the kids. Ethan was a grump this whole vacation. I could not believe that he threw fits almost everything single time we sat down to eat. Someone ended up wearing something that was on his plate or he would throw his bibi (soother). That thing sis driving me nuts. I know he is still a little guy but by this time his brother had outgrown that thing and it was long out of this house by age 2. I think this next few weeks I will have to work at getting him to give it up. The bottles were no problem so this shouldn't take that much time either.

Funny thing happened to us when we arrived at the Buffalo airport we had to grab a bite and I guess did not pay attention to the time. As we are approaching our gate we hear over the loud speaker now board Steve, Veronica and Tristan Reis. Steve and I look at each other and think wow they really go that extra mile to make sure everyone feels welcome. We start running on;y to find out we are the only ones holding up the flight. We were the last on the plane. I was so embarrassed as we had seats in row 30 at the end of the plane. The flight there was not a good one with the boys driving us and everyone around them nuts. We tired everything and even changed seats in order to make both boys more comfortable but this was their first time in a plane ever and I can understand they were excited. Steve on the other hand was already saying he was never going to do this again. I guess the next family vacation will be mum and the boys.

Here goes the last few days in order as they happened. If you want to see pictures please refer to my facebook account until I upload them here.

Friday September 5th
Arrived in Orlando at 4:33 in the afternoon. Felt great to walk off the plane and not have to think about our luggage. Got to the Disney welcoming center and the bus was right there waiting for us. With a short ride to our hotel we were finally here. We stopped by our room #4747 for a quick stop to drop off our carry on and freshen up. Off we went and were heading to Downtown Disney as we had reservations for Cap n' Jacks a restaurant located on the waterfront.It reminded me of a seafood shack. Steve and I both enjoyed a double lobster tail dinner with all the fixings. The boys had mac n' cheese which they did not touch. I guess they will be really hungry if they keep this up. For dessert I enjoyed a White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake and Steve had a Double Chocolate lava cake with vanilla ice cream, raspberry and custard sauce. The plain boys decided on a scoop of vanilla ice cream. What an awesome dinner. I could not believe that it would have cost us $103.00 and since we got the dinning plan it was $0.00. After dinner we walked around downtown Disney for about 2 hours. Visited the Lego store. Wow there was a lot of Lego in there and the items they built just out of Lego was unbelievable. Tristan of course purchased a Star Wars set with the money his Dinha and grandparents gave him. I was happy to find a store called Basin ( All I could say when I walked in was I died and gone to heaven. I was in love with everything. I purchased some gifts and remembered to buy a little something for Steve and I.

Headed to our hotel room and voila our bags were in our room. Going to bed because we need to be up at 7 am.

Saturday September 6th
Up early and boarded the bus and then a monorail to the Grand Floridian Hotel. It was breath taking with the elegant decore and the gorgeous light fixtures. We walked to the waterfront and dropped off our pirate for his Pirate Adventure Tour. He looked so cute with his bandanna and floatation device on. After watching his crew and boat leave Steve, Ethan and I headed inside to 1900 Park Fair. OMG!!! It was a huge buffet of everything you could want for breakfast. The characters were all over the place. They would come over to every single table for a visit, photo and autograph. Ethan's face was priceless. He fell in love with tigger but Mikey will always be his favorite. I wanted to give Ethan a special time all on his own with the characters since Tristan got his own adventure. I am so happy we did because now both boys were having special moments at the same time. Picked up Tristan and he told us he had a wonderful time. I would recommend this to ever person who has a boy or two. After this we are heading to Magic Kingdom. It's an awesome place. Just the castle blows you away. Steve and Tristan went on a few rides and of course my boy was tired. Ethan by this time was already asleep. The heat was unbearable so we headed back to the hotel for a much needed dip in the pool. We were chilling and getting ready for dinner at Chef Mickey's in the Contemporary Resort. I was really looking forward to this one as I heard tons of great things about this buffet. Wow, was everyone right with this great recommendation. This is one everyone should visit on their trip here. Everything was served buffet style and the ribs were something to talk about. The dessert selection was great. The boys totally misbehaved and we had a hard time this dinner. They still are not eating the food....oh well, their loss. The dinner highlight was taking a really nice family photo during their dinner photo opportunity. The way they get you to purchase it is by printing it ahead of time and bringing it to your table ready to go. There went $32.00. Then again when else are you going to get a picture like that. Never so we did not complain and just purchased it right there and then. Headed to our hotel for some much needed rest. Up again tomorrow morning at 7 am.

Sunday September 7th
Woke up at 7 am as we had planned. I think little Ethan is finally feeling really tired since we have gotten here he is not the one waking us up. This is pay back time for us to wake him.Today we are eating at the Ohana Character breakfast in the Polynesian resort. It's a beautiful hotel themed in a Hawaiian flair. Ethan was still in an awful mood. He screamed, cried and threw most of his food during the whole breakfast. I didn't like this breakfast as much as the others. I found it to be too expensive for a family style serving restaurant (family style: bringing large trays of food in the center of the table. If you need more they bring it out.) I am finding that having all these buffet style mornings that A. we are getting sick of eggs, bacon and sausage and B. we have no room for lunch.

The boys finally had pizza at Pizza Planet for lunch. I was happy to see them finally eating. We spent the day in Hollywood Studios. Tristan got chosen to be the Junior Casting Director for the Indiana Jones Spic Stunt Spectacular. That it was! It started by the casting director announcing Tristan as the Jr. director and he walked right up to the huge stage in front of about 500 people waiting to see this show. She asked him his name, home location and age. He said he was Tristan from Canada and he was 5 years old. He then gave them the three magic words for the show to start Light.....Camera....Action. The finally finally started and everyone was clapping for my big boy Tristan. I was so proud of him as he did an amazing job for this awesome show. We watched it and just were in awe as things were blowing up, gun shots fired and real stunts. Tristan was a little scared and asked to leave. I reassured him he was safe. We really enjoyed the show. Poor dad had to stay outside with the sleeping Ethan. We thought we would be in a better mood this was boy where we wrong. Dinner was at Hollywood and Vine where things did not run smoothly. The boys ate nothing. Steve and I did not enjoy ourselves because again Ethan was throwing his usual screaming fits. Ate quickly because we got the Fantasmic tickets with preferred seating. It was an awesome show. Ethan was so sacred he peed himself all over poor Steve. What a long day. I could not believe we spent 15 hours at the park. Walking for that long is a killer on our poor feet. The boys are sound asleep until tomorrow morning.

Monday September 8th
Woke up again at 7 am. Don't know why but I really have not been sleeping well while here. I really miss my bed but most of all I miss sleeping with my husband. Tristan kicks me all night and if sleeping with Ethan he bumps his head on the wall or headboard all night.

For breakfast I ended up cancelling our goofy character breakfast. We are sick of eating the same thing but are also super tired. We ended up eating at the hotel restaurant and were surprised because the boys actually ate all their food. After breakfast we ended up spending the morning in Animal Kingdom. We purchased Tristan new crocs because his sandals broke and we threw them out but also his feet were hurting. They have everything you need here tall times.

We ended dup coming back to out resort for lunch and to go for a swim. Another very hot day. This type of heat we can not get use to. You hang out in the sun a little too long and you burn. I should have remembered this from the last time I was here. Then again that was 15 years ago. Ethan and I spent the afternoon having a nap while Steve and Tristan went to play over in the arcade. Tristan had tons of fun and ended up getting a bag of goodies.

We are now headed to dinner at the Coral Reef Restaurant in Epcot. I heard this is another awesome restaurant and am really looking forward to it. Depending on the kids we may even be able to stay for the fireworks. What a wonderful restaurant. There was a huge aquarium running along the length of the restaurant. The kids ate pizza and had ice cream for dessert with all the fixings. Steve really enjoyed his New York steak and I pasta with mixed seafood. For dessert we both had the Florida Key Lime Tart which was a perfect ending to a perfect meal. I was looking forward to seeing the firework show but as we were leaving the restaurant it was pouring rain. We ended up walking all the way to the bus in the rain. It's 10 pm and we are washing the boys and going straight to bed. Thank God we not have to get up early tomorrow morning.

Tuesday September 9th
Ate breakfast and boarded the bus to Downtown Disney's West Side. We shopped and walked the waterfront. We had about 2 hours there and needed to head back to our hotel. The usual 15 minute bus ride ended up turning into a little over an hour. Only allowing us the chance to change the boys before heading out to Magic Kingdom for Cinderella's Royal Table. This dinner was held inside the castle. We walked in and were greeted by Cinderella herself and got to take a picture. The boys allowed me to do this on my own. We then headed upstairs to the second floor to a beautiful seating dinning room with arm chairs, table runners, and rod iron pumpkin centerpieces. Ethan was screaming the whole time of the food course and the boys did not eat any of the pasta with butter that ran us $25.99. I had lavender chicken and Steve the pan sered Salmon with rice. Dessert was a chocolate cream cheese buckle. It was good but not my favorite. There was a show just after dinner and I'll tell you this was certainly not worth the money it cost.

We pre-purchased the Halloween tickets for tonight. The kids enjoyed trick or treating thou the park. We must have 7 pounds of candy and chocolate to take home with us after tonight. The parade was really cool and I loved the fireworks show. I finally was able to use my dvd camcorder for the first time here. We ended up returning to out hotel at about eleven. I am happy that this is finally the last night. Had a great time but I will remember to never come with a boy under the age of 5.

Wednesday September 10th
Had our bags prepared to go from yesterday morning. Headed to breakfast and then straight to check in our bags. Greatest thing they have is you check in your bags right at the hotel. You only pick them up in your arriving airport. Took Mickey's Magical Express back to the airport and boarded our flight. Ethan was sleeping so it was a much better ride except for the fact that we were held up 1 hour on the tar mack. Got to Buffalo at 5:39 pm one hour late and it was smooth sailing right out of the boarder and home bound. We got here at about 11 pm.


Cheryl said...

sounds like an amazing trip. can't wait to see the LO's you do. BTW, is your retreat still happening. sorry I couldn't commit. $$ is tight now, had to buy a new car and we also had to put M. into Diana said, I'd be lucky if I had 2 pennies to rub together!

Barbara said...

It sounds like you all had a great time. I love Disney World. You're going to have lots of great layouts to do!

Virginia Janet said...

Welcome home!! It might be an amazing trip to Disney World.