Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Yeah for back to school

I am so happy that school has started again for another wonderful year. Tristan seamed very excited and happy to be in Miss. Michino's class. We got there this morning and found out that six from last year are all together again. A great group of children.

Off I went for my day of me. Yes, this is the "ME" year remember. I first went to get myself a Starbucks frap and the girl talked me into trying the Vanvano style drinks that I said I hated. She gave it to me on the house. First treat of the day. Thank you Starbucks. Then I went to my first suppliers and gave back all rented items. Everything went without a problem. Next supplier I was picking up flowers. I was not happy with the way they looked. She explained that they did come in this morning from the grower but agreed that they were not the usual way they are to look. Too much rain is causing problems for the growers and florists this year. I got a 20 cent price break on each flower. Great because I can pass along the difference to my customer. Treat number 2. Went to my favorite place to get my pedicure. My usual girl was not there but this one gave me an awesome pedi. Went to my next place Spa'z to get my manicure. I have had a gift certificate for months now waiting to be use and this was the time. While I was there I explained that last time my OPI nail polish peeled right back the minute I got home. She said they were trying a new base coat and are now back to the original one. Great for me. She asked me if I would be interested in trying their new micro facial. It was on the house for the mini one to see if I liked it. I said yes and there was treat number 3. My face feels great. Did some shopping for hubby. He deserves to wear new clothes on our trip and of course everyone knows he only shops at Tristan & American so in I go with here goes a couple of bills. To my surprise they were clearing out their summer shorts and tees and I got 3 pairs of shorts and 2 tees for $50. Now there was treat number 4. Picked up Mr. T and his teach tells me he was an awesome little boy. First thought she had the wrong little man then he was pointing right at him. No that was the one I was asking about. I guess anything is possible when you are 5 and in SK. That for me was my biggest treat. Now for treat number five we were all together at the mall doing some last minute shopping. Tris wanted his new z-strap's and they had none in his size. I was so sad for him. I guess we will wait for the new shipment to come in when we return. I got my waxing done and the girl asked me if I wanted some samples. Of course how else do I know if I like the stuff. There was treat number 5. She gave me a bag of 9 items in it. I took my shower and am a happy little camper with my new scented products that I now know I love and will be back to purchase them.

All in all I had an awesome day. One that brought many surprises, much relaxation and much joy watching my big boy attend his second year of school. I've attached some pictures of the school boy and his friends.

Look how cute he looks. My big boy.

Tristan's Yearly Picture in front of the flag pole.

Tristan and Jaden.

These are the kids from last years class that moved on together.
Pictured Left to Right: Christian, Julia, Renee, Anthony, Jaden and Tristan.

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