Monday, September 01, 2008

Last sleep before school tomorrow

I have always known that Tristan is growing up fast. I did not think this time last year that the school year and summer would be passing up by so fast. My little boy (Oops, I mean Big Boy) is starting Sk tomorrow morning. I will be taking the usual flag picture along with tons of pictures of him and Jaden by the brick. I think I will make this a yearly thing. I know I will have to stop it by the time he gets to like grade 5. It will not be cool by then. I will just have to be happy with the picture before leaving the house.

I remembered to bring my camera to the wedding I did on Saturday. I know I have been bad as must times I am so involved in finishing all my floral work on time and getting Edna or Rose the correct info in order for our day to run smoothly. Rose helped me this time and everything went well. Thanks Rose for all your help. Here are the pictures.


Bride's Delivery.

Head Table Decore and floral.

Close up of Bride & Groom Table and in front the cake table.

Yesterday we attended my sister BBQ. She had Jay's birthday along with Maggie and Foxy's birthdays as well. Yes, the dogs had their own birthday cake. We had a good time the boys as usual where themselves. I guess we have to give them a few years to get out of this let's cause it all time stage.

This morning I started packing. I got all of Ethan and Tristan's clothes and items packed. I just need their shoes and that's it for them. Now to pack for Steve and I. I know Steve will do his own stuff I will just have to throw it into the lugage. I think I need to add a few more pieces to my summer wardobe. I always find a good way to add a few extra pieces. Like I say you wouldn't want me walking around naked in Disney would you. lol

Tonight I just chilled and watched about 3 episodes of Jon & Kate plus 8. I love this show. I'm telling you I think my life is busy. That poor woman is go, go, go all the time. Steve came down and encouraged me to go downstairs and do some scrapbooking. I had to go down and fold the clothes so I thought maybe I will complete the autograph book that I have been meaning to do. It took me a total of 7 minutes. I've attached the picture along with how I made it. The pen I purchased in the US on the Rose and Vern Adventure.

Disney Character Autograph Book.

Made this little baby in about 7 minutes including the pen. Took 4 sheets of white cardstock and cut them into 3"x6" and then punched a hole with the crop-o-dile into the left top side. Added patterned paper to the front and back altered the front and the pen and that is that. This way I can then transfer the autographs to the scrapbook album when I return without a problem.

I'll be back tomorrow to post up some first day back photos.

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