Tuesday, October 21, 2008

First snowfall

OMG!!!!! It's the 21st of October and we got our first snow fall. It was beautiful looking at everything covered in white but a heck of a day to drive in it. It always makes me laugh to see how people react to a snow and rain. It's like they forget how to drive. People it's just a little white stuff nothing more nothing less. I remembered however to make a wish on the first snowfall as my dear friend Rose explained to me this afternoon. I wished that our school was going to be a bill passed for building in favour. It was.......I am so excited that I didn't even get what date it will be starting. I guess that info will follow on their next meeting on October 28th.

As far as the day went I had huge plans to clean up my side of the room and instead ended up going around picking up some of the donations people had waiting for my pick up. It was so nice seeing everything come in. I am sure everyone is going to be both surprised and delighted with everything they are getting. I have Maine Society Woodbridge coming out and doing my hair. I will meet my designer on the day of all I have to go on is a name that will be given to me on Saturday.

I received an interesting e-mail today. All I will say is I am shocked that someone would think that and people need to get their facts before saying anything at all.

As far as the board meeting went it worked in our favor as I explained up above. I am thrilled and excited for the upcoming school. It will make life easier for the children.

Wishing everyone an awesome night with many sweet dreams......

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