Sunday, November 09, 2008

Eventful and Productive

I've titled this post as eventful and productive because after you read it all you will be tired. I know I am. It's starts off with booking two weddings on the same day. It actually ran really smoothly with the help of my gals Enda and Rose. Without these two wonderful friends I would have gone nuts. Rose was in charge of Paula and Ian's wedding and Enda was in charge of Cinzia and Trevor. Another awesome set of people. I am truly blessed to have wonderful bride's and groom's to work with. I was very excited as I got the chance to see both sets on their wedding day arriving at the hall. This usually doesn't happen as I am usually up to my eyeballs in flowers. lol This time I was super organized and very in control. I asked for help as soon as I booked the weddings and sure enough both weddings ran so smooth I think I would be crazy enough to say I would do it again. I've attached some pictures of both weddings. Nothing too crazy just the urns and stands at the halls. First was Bellvue Manor and the second was Presidente Banquet Hall.

Decorated Urns at Bellvue Manor for Cinzia and Trevor.

Urns at Presidente for Paula and Ian.

As I was waiting for Edna to place the flowers at the hall I got a call from one of my corporate clients asking for flowers to be delivered for Sunday morning to a Funeral Home on Mount Pleasant. I agreed but knew I was booked solid. I hope she likes it as it was very much designed with her budget and also the colours that were used were based on my mood this morning. It was rainy and sure enough a gloomy day.

Funeral Arrangement

After dropping off the arrangement and heading over to the halls to pick up my stands I headed home to take my boys to the Maple Santa Parade. We had so much fun. This year we left Dad at home doing some of his work. I know it's not much but you can only imagine how much you can get done without the little ones around.

I wish I had taken more pictures but the battery died on the camera. Teaches me not to recharge every second night.

My boys at the Maple Santa Parade today.

My little man waiting for the big man in red.

Tristan having fun with the camera while waiting for the parade to start.

We arrived home and I made two batches of biscotti. I am trying out new recipes so that I can have one biscotti recipe thought of for my cookie exchange party. I am so looking forward to it this year. We had to miss it last year because I just could not find the time to organize it. This year I am going to try my best to organize and have it because this seams to be the only time some of my girlfriends get together. Here are some pictures. I believe I will be making the pistachio and cranberry because I am just enjoying the flavor so much.

White Chocolate & Cranberry Biscotti.

Pistachio & Cranberry BIscotti.

If you are still reading thanks to sticking around and yes this all happened in one weekend. Not counting the Friday. I finished everything I had planned to complete today but have as I explained in some older posts, been itching to scrapbook. These pictures I created today have been sitting around for 2 years waiting for the perfect paper. Well, this is where the 2Gals kit came in. It was just perfect for this project. I love these pictures because the photographer captured a side of my son people don't usually get to see. His soft and serious side. Believe me we rarely get to see it as well but I was in tears when I saw the beautiful work she does. I believe the simple designs of these layouts really let the pictures speak volumes. These photos were all taken by Baby Steps Photography at 4040 Steeles Avenue. The layouts are all designed by me with the 2Gals November 2008 kit.

I also created a card but will wait until morning to take a picture and post. Thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day!

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