Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Crack of Dawn

Yes, in this house if you sleep past 5:30 am it's really a blessing. This morning I tried everything to not open my eyes because when I do I know I am up for the day. My darling husband got Ethan some milk and put him back to bed before he headed out to work. Well, needless to say that little bugger finished drinking his milk and then marched right back in to our room. I was up with him at 5:40 am. Then in marched Tristan about five minutes later. I am telling you that when they are teenagers I am going to have a blast waking them up. I will play the pots and pans in their room if I have to.

I have a long day ahead of me as I will be doing two weddings on Saturday. Picking up items needed today from suppliers and Tristan has a dental appointment. I am telling you that when these boys hit their wall around 3 pm you will not want to be around to experience it. All the while I am sitting here typing this entery and my back yard neighbor is sitting outside enjoying her coffee and smoke while watching the sun raise. Of course she has no kids. Women get yourself back to bed. lol

I better take my camera with me just in case we get crazy at some point today. Which I know we will. HELP!!!!

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